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Covers For Outdoor Heater

covers for outdoor heater

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Mature Harvard Oak Size Comparrison

Mature Harvard Oak Size Comparrison

A mature Harvard (Chin) Oak compared to an adult human. A mature tree can be as short as 10 inches in height.

Last week we hooked up the RV and headed west to Monahans Sandhills State Park. There are two wonders of nature to be found there.

The obvious being the sand dunes that cover more than 200 miles. The not so obvious is the Harvard (chin) Oak which covers an area equal to most National forests.

The thing about this tree is that you would most probably never notice what it really is. It looks more like a bush than a tree. Called "chin Oak" because it is seldom chin high on an adult, it's roots can go down 90 feet in some cases.

Additionally, the fruit/seed (acorn) is huge when compared to the tree's actual size. There were none to be seen as the deer find them a great meal, but the caps were as large as an inch in diameter.

My wife stands about 69 inches in height, and this mature tree does not even reach her knee. Yet, one of these trees can stabalize a small dune.

So this tree was one of the main reasons for the trip.

The park has no wifi connection, but cell phones can be used. So we were web deprived for a week. Darn, that was nice, but now I need to catch up!

Had quite an adventure on the return trip. One of those Texas Wind Gusts caught the RV and we wound up in the median. The RV was totaled, and the truck did a 180, so we got to han in the seat belts for a few moments. I think the truck's totaled too.

The blessing is that no one was seriously injured. Some scratches and bruises, but we walked away. Although I suspect that "Charlie" (our dog) may harbor a bit of a grudge at being tossed about. Heck, this way I don't need to reseal the roof and fix the water heater.

Even with the adventure, we had a very enjoyable trip and I hope I can catch up soon.


Cooking Crawdads On Fathers Day

Cooking Crawdads On Fathers Day

Title covers the photo in which the cook is my sister. .

Pentax 645N, f/3.5 @ 1/60th, Fuji Neopan 400, pushed 2 stops to EI 1600, developed in HC110 dilution H (1:63) at 20C for 24min, agitated for first 1 minute, then again for 30 seconds at the 15 minute mark. Scanned using HP G4050 with Silverfast Ai. No photoshop adjustments.

This was a from scratch roll. I didn't find the info for Neopan 400 pushed to 1600 using HC110 dilution H anywhere. So I took a gamble based on a few things.

1) my preference for contrast in the shadows but not in the highlights means longer dev time with less agitation so going over is better than under.

2) Generally speaking it appears dilution H is generally around 2X the time as dilution B. Which was 12 minutes for Neopan EI 1600.

Overall, I'm happy with the results for a few reasons.
1) Neopan pushes very well to 1600 it appears from the few shots I scanned.
2) Limited grain, good contrast, and good accuity based on a reasonably crappy scan.
3) First run seemed to go OK, I am sure I can tweak it a bit more, perhaps a 3rd agitation at the 20 minute mark but the highlights look pretty crisp too me without being blocked out, so definitely not for an outdoor daylight shot.

Doing Acros 100 pushed to EI 400 tomorrow night. Expecting it to be even better!

covers for outdoor heater

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